Monday, 30 January 2017

How To Install Windows 10 Or Windows 7 From USB

Now, these days windows are being sold in DVDs and also in downloadable forms like ISOs.The Windows DVD is put into the Drive For easy installation.However, In Some Devices Like portable devices tablets that have no optical drives for installing windows, it becomes a big problem.The only way to install windows in these types of devices is through USB device such as flash Drive.

There are many reasons why despite having an optical drive, You may want a bootable USB Device for installing windows in your tablet or in any other portable device.One reason is that installing windows from a USB drive is very faster that from DVDs.Making A bootable flash drive for installing windows is not so simple as copying files to USB.To Make USB Bootable you need to use some special software.

There Are many softwares to make your USB bootable but in fact, most people are not feeling comfortable with third party software, Microsoft company has released the best program called Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool.Well, the program's name makes it feel that it only works in windows 7, that is not really in this case.It will work for making a bootable USB drive for installing windows 8 as well.

However, To Install windows 8.1 orInstall Windows 10 from a USB device you have to download a third party tool named as Rufus, as Microsoft's too does not support windows 8.1 and higher versions.

Before you take any action you must make sure that you flash has a capacity of 4GB to 8GB(for 64 bit).Also, You Should Have an ISO file of the window that you want to install.If you don't have the ISO file from your setup DVD using a free tool called ISO creator.

Steps to Install Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 from USB flash drive

1-First of all Download Rufus.The Program works better on windows 8,8.1 and windows 10.Also You need to be in an administrator account.

2-Run the Rufus Program and find your USB device in the Device: Dropdown menu.

3-Give a name to your USB flash Drive using Volume Label option and leave all other settings default.

4-Check the create a bootable disk using checkbox.In the Dropdown menu next to it browse your ISO image.

5-Click on Start to format you drive and it will extract all files from ISO to USB drive.This will format all data on your USB drive so make you it does not contain any important files in it.

6-Now, You have to boot from the USB drive you just created to start the installation of windows 8.1.If your computer does not boot from the USB drive you have to change the boot order.

Steps to Install Windows 8 and Windows 7 from USB flash drive

1-First of all install Windows7 USB/DVD download tool.This program needs.NET framework version 2.0 or higher.This Program Works in windows10,7, Vista, XP.You need to be in an administrator account.

2-Open the program.Give the location of Your Windows ISO File in the source file box.Or you can browse to it and click next.

3-On  the choose media type screen, select your USB flash drive or other external hard drive to which you want to copy files and click Begin Copy.If Your drive has no enough space it will give an error saying so.Click Erase USB device.This Will delete all the data on your drive.

4-If everything goes right, You will see a Bootable USB Device Created Successfully message on the text screen.

5-Now you have to boot from the USB device you just created to start the installation.If your computer does not boot from should change the boot order.


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